Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Amazing Flower Displays at Saltram!

A Marsh Orchid

A population of Southern Marsh Orchids is currently flowering in the gardens here at Saltram. Their number have been slowly increasing over the past few years with the help of our gardening team and the work they are doing to help the orchids reproduce. They can be found growing between the Orangery and the nearby Orange Grove.

Other things looking good at the moment in the garden include the 'Chilean Fire Bush', or Embothrium coccineum which is growing in the Orange Grove, along the Lime Avenue there are hundreds of white flowers along with wild garlic and 'Queen Anne's Lace' and the first of the bearded iris' are starting to appear. These can be found near the Chapel Gallery and near the Castle Folly at the top of the garden.

The Orangery has also been emptied for the summer with the help of our garden volunteers. So there's lots to see this Spring in the gardens at Saltram!

Tim, our garden volunteer removing an orange tree from the Orangery

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