Thursday, 19 May 2011

An astounding Saltram discovery!

We have recently had a beautiful inlaid writing desk returned to us from a long stay at Trerice. When cleaning it the other day we discovered a message, probably part of a letter, pasted to the bottom of a drawer. It appeared to be written in French so we sent it off to our Curator to have a closer look!

We have just had the translation returned and sadly it doesn't make a huge amount of sense as much of the letter is missing but what we do have is...

the State, often at the peril
even incarcerated when his
considerable sums
that he comes out free of charge
Lombards of which he justifies. Paris, March 1824

Quite interesting stuff! We have ascertained from this that the writer of the letter was probably in prison and is trying to correct an injustice and be released from his imprisonment.

A lovely bit of history, hidden away for over a hundred years right under our noses!

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